Lincolnshire Management: The Titan of Private Equity Investment

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that was founded in 1986 just outside New York City. Aside from the New York, Lincolnshire has offices in Atlanta, Chicago (regional office), and their west coast offices in Los Angeles. The firm has a workforce of nearly one hundred who focus on identifying middle market companies to invest in and propel their growth. Other focus areas are recapitalizations, management buyouts for public and private corporations, and corporate divestitures.


T . J. Maloney sits at the helm of Lincolnshire Management serving as both Chairman and CEO while Michael J. Lyons serves as President. The leadership team comprises of investment, origination, and operating professionals who have a wealth of experience handling private and public corporations. They work closely with a talented pool of principals, analysts, and associates who are committed to seeing the firm’s goals come to fruition.


Throughout three decades and counting, the firm has acquired 85 businesses spanning various industries which attest the staff’s business acumen. More so, the team is keen to employ a collaborative approach in their endeavors so they harness synergies. Some of the first-rate clients they have bagged include Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, Nursery Supplies Inc, Dalbo Holdings, True Temper Sports, and Latite. Read more here.

As of January 2019, Lincolnshire Management is handling an upwards of $1.7 billion in private equity funds including the Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV worth $835 million. The firm’s exceptional performance over the years has earned it a spot in the highly acclaimed list of top 25% of private equity firms. See more in this article

Success formula

Apart from hiring only the most talented individuals in private equity management, Lincolnshire has a few tricks make it resoundingly successful. Senior management is keen to pursue new strategies to revitalize and grow their product portfolio by keeping a close pulse on the market. These efforts enable it to see opportunities where other firms are oblivious to or are afraid to explore. This includes venturing off to emerging markets and the niche areas of manufacturing, service, and distribution companies. Risk taking and sound strategies have placed Lincolnshire well ahead of its industry brethren, and the firm is set to haul in more profits as the new calendar year unfolds.

Addressing Thyropause at Renew Youth

Thyropause has been a rarely common disease until the past few years. Since 1999, Renew Youth has been concerned in treating hormonal imbalances due to ageing. Commonly, many people tend to get estrogen and a testosterone treatments while in the real sense they might be suffering from thyropause. Thyropause is an ailment related to thyroid imbalances in the body which are very common but rarely diagnosed. According to research, a larger percent of Americans suffers from thyroid related problems but most are unaware of it. Thyropause is common to aging people and quite a number of people over 50 years have the imbalances, hence the name.

Thyroid helps to balance other important hormones in the body and also control the metabolic processes, not to forget the production of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, dopamine among others. Low thyroid may affect the body adversely and some of the effects are; having a dry skin, anxiety, hair loss, memory loss, gaining weight, fatigue and also insomnia. All these symptoms are related to other hormonal imbalances such as low estrogen and testosterone hence the need to address thyroid problem. Doctors and nutritionists in Renew Youth says that the thyroid problem is mainly caused by stress, environmental toxins and poor nutrition.

Nutrition has a major role in altering the thyroid function important health nutrients such as iodine, selenium, iron and vitamin D plays a vital role in thyroid metabolism. Heavy metals, pesticides and other industrial chemicals are very common in the environment which may cause impairment in thyroid functioning. Some of these substances includes; bromine, mercury, cadmium, perchlorate and nitrates. Avoiding stress can help in proper thyroid functioning, it is important for people to manage stress which have become a very chronic problem. Renew Youth offers hormone imbalances treatment that helps in distinguishing the similar symptoms of menopause, andropause and thyroid.

4 Reasons Why Sussex Healthcare is a Game Changer in Home Nursing

One of the areas that the mainstream investment world has systemically ignored is home nursing industry, and the reason for this is the complexity the niche has on its operations. Sussex Healthcare has however been on a journey to challenge the notion by not only being the perfect illustration that giving care is important, but it can also be done in correct structures and in a correct way. For 21 years, the entity has revolutionized the nursing world in the following ways.

First, Sussex Healthcare is the first major entity to offer a wide variety of services to all ages and for people with special needs. Although the entity started to offer services to people with complex needs, it has diversified to accommodate other peoples such as people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, and neurological complications. This diversity according to the management has helped the organization reach as many people a possible within Sussex.

Second, their approach to caregiving is unmatched. Sussex Healthcare is arguably the only organization in Europe and around the world to offer personalized packages. According to the management of this organization, offering customized services helps them to maximize individual caregiving and therefore help people with special needs have a smooth life. The diversity of their services with personalized services shows that the entity is one of the most versatile organizations in the world.

Thirdly, Sussex Healthcare offers people with special needs one of the best environment to either recover or adapt to new life. According to pundits, this is what sets this organization apart from the rest as one of the organizations that believe in communities, each of their facilities is home to the best interactions, which are regulated to give each person best experience. The management of this organization believes that this is the best way to heal and start a new life.

Finally, Sussex Healthcare has world-class facilities in its two major locations. Regardless of one’ condition, there is a similar facility, either technologically or human resource. The availability of different facilities makes the organization a well-rounded institution as a caregiver and a place for new beginnings.

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The Midas Touch of Alex Hern

For over 20 years, Alex Hern has been at the top of the list when it comes to the best technology entrepreneurs. Establishing young companies and making them incredibly successful has been the ear mark of everything Alex Hern touches. Based out of San Diego California, Hern continues to push internet technology into the future.


Early on, Alex Hern saw the need for platforms and software applications that would help facilitate a smoother transition between the world of the CPU computer era to the GPU computer era. Utilizing advanced technologies within the worlds of graphics and platforms (PCs, mobile devices, etc.)has helped Hern to bring his unique concepts to realities.


Expert Alex Hern has been so succesful because he is very driven and focused. He has founded and co-founded companies (INKT and YESM), as well as served on the board of directors for several other businesses (Zero Knowledge Systems and TNSI)


About Tim Ioannides


Dr. Tim Ioannides is a qualified and certified health practitioner and the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. Dr. Tim Ioannides has been working in the health industry for close to fifteen years now serving as a dermatologist. Dr. Tim Ioannides is well educated, and he did his medical degree at the Miami School of Medicine. This is also where he did his internship and enhanced his skills as a medical doctor.

Dr. Tim Ioannides has perfected his art when it comes to dermatology and is now well versed in treating cancers and skin tumors which are both his areas of specialization. His passion and interest in the skin came after working for a certain cosmetic surgeon in the private sector. While there Dr. Tim Ioannides performed cosmetic surgeries on patients and became intrigued with skin. After leaving the practice, he began his own firm, and he aimed at specializing in treating skin diseases rather than performing cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Ioannides shared in an interview bit of his personal life and his career life. He spoke to Ideamensch mentioning that he is happy with what he does and helping patients treat skin conditions. His day involves meeting with patients alongside his team. Dr. Ioannides works with the same team every single day, and therefore it is easy for him to navigate to the different location of the Treasure Coast Dermatology. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Dr. Tim Ioannides embraces the healthy lifestyle and makes sure that he works out every morning before leaving for work. This provides him with the fuel that he needs to go about his busy schedule. Dr. Tim Ioannides is also a family man who has kids and his wife, and he loves spending time with them in the morning before leaving for work. Dr. Tim Ioannides has an excellent relationship with his patients, and they love him.


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Texas Bankers Conference Offers Growth Suggestions

“How can Texas banks grow faster?” Sometimes, it might take a conference of the top decision makers to “brainstorm” the possibilities. NexBank CEO & President John Holt was a panelist for a community bank group of the Texas Bankers Association 5th Strategic Opportunities M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, which took place between November 6 and 8, 2016.


“Organic Growth”


Organic growth, technological innovations and M&A were the primary growth vehicles, according to the conference. While organic growth might be both the most cost-effective and deliver the best return on investment (ROI), it might be tough to accomplish. Some bankers simply run out of ideas.


A good example of acquisitions was the 2015 NexBank purchase of College Savings Bank. NexBank had already gained mastery of mortgage banking and commercial banking. With College Savings Bank, Nexbank could add student loans. College Savings Bank had positioned itself as an educational loan leader as a ‘program manager for the “Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan” and “Arizona Family College Savings Program–Bank Plan.’ This acquisition also allowed NexBank to expand to different regions.


“Versatile NexBank Product Mix”


Institutional investors might want to add student loans to their portfolios. With the North Texas mortgage market being so robust in 2016, this sector will be less risky. Student loans could be more risky and offer a higher payout for NexBank clients.


By discussing the most important industry concerns together, the Texas bankers can fine-tune their own development strategies. They also get to know another, which could make future mergers and acquisitions easier.


All banks want to grow. Mergers and acquisitions may be the most expensive path for development, but sometimes it is necessary. It can provide a “ready-made” managerial, product list and regional network, worth its “price in gold.”

Career life and achievements of Ted Bauman

Raised in Washington, Ted Bauman spent most of his years in South Africa where he also pursued his education. Upon completing his training, the duo started his career at a local firm where he adequately put his vast skills into use. Ted Bauman continued to prosper in his education and over the years, he established an empire for himself by building an excellent reputation hence attracting new and better job opportunities. His working career continued to thrive over time, and he was ranked as one of the most hardworking individuals before being hired to work with the famous World Bank. He also worked with many other prestigious companies including government based firms before he later moved to the United States.

Upon joining the Banyan Hill Publishing firm, the duo has immensely impacted the lives of many people through his career in writing. Ted Bauman has also proved to possess great skills in writing through the positive feedback that he has always received firm his investment newsletter readers. Ted Bauman relies on his impeccable skills in writing to keep his clients entertained and well informed on the best ways they can improve their lives. The duo does not have to travel every day to work, and as a result, he does not waste any time in the annoying traffic that is usually experienced throughout the major towns in the country. As a result, he saves a lot of time and thus he gets time to handle his writing endeavors.

The duo highly values his readers, and as a result, he always strives to ensure that he composes eye-catching content that features essential aspects that could impact their lives. He majorly focuses on the emerging issues that are likely to bring impacts to the lives of others and his expertise ability to offer great solutions to people on the ways they can run their business and balance their family life with work, has profoundly impacted his career as well as the lives of other people. Investment expert Ted remains to be a role model to many people, and his ability to come up with juicy content has always seen his clients stuck to his platform.


The Success Of Nitin Khanna

Most people do not focus on what is beyond what they can see. They limit themselves with what they can easily reach. Others have taken up the challenge to strive as entrepreneurs and get to further levels than what most people are defined by. One of the people who have strived through to break the norm is Nitin Khanna.

Nitin Khanna, the chairman of Merger Tech, was born and brought up in Ambala. He studied in the Lawrence School Sanawar. He began his life in India as a colonel’s son. He holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Purdue. He greatly helped in mentoring so many people who were starting up companies as elaborated in this link.

Nitin Khanna founded his company merger tech in the year 2009. He believed in people taking risks and grabbing opportunities quickly. In the current world, he encourages people to identify the gaps that open up in the trending markets and invest in them. He took up the task of deploying many professionals that would help match the clients with the company. This information is given further detail in an interview in this link

The merger tech company is a company that provides advice on mergers and acquisition in investment. Nitin Khanna offers personalized guidance to all his customers. He offers the advice based and the knowledge and his past operational and his experience. Merger Tech focuses on clients who have distressed businesses that they may need to sell to recover investors’ equity. They may also deal with clients who have growing companies and are in search of new investments.

Nitin Khanna is the co-founder of Saber Corp which is based in the United States in Portland, Oregon. It was one of the most significant providers of state government solutions in the country. It also provided services such as vehicle registration, unemployment registration, voting employment and driver’s license. Saber corp. was awarded both in the year 2006 and 2007. It was later sold to EDS in December 2007.

Jason Hope Does A Lot, From Business To Philanthropy and Politics

Jason Hope believes that something needs to be done to stop the effects of aging on the human body, and in 2010, he donated half a million dollars to SENS, an organization that is doing research on that. The organization was able to open a laboratory with the money that he donated. And it put a bigger focus on learning about aging and its effects on the human body. About Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona, and he has been found success in all of the ventures that he has taken on during his career life.

He is an entrepreneur and an investor. He is a futurist and a philanthropist. He went to college in Arizona, and he is interested in politics there and beyond. He believes that he can make a good impact on his state and country by getting involved in government. He has a passion for anti aging research and is always doing what he can for that. And he is overseeing several businesses and projects as he still lives in Arizona today. He currently resides in Scottsdale. Jason Hope runs Jason Hope Tees, which is a company that sells fun t-shirts with cheerful and lighthearted sayings on them.

The company has done quite well and sells its shirts on its website and on Amazon. It sells shirts with various sayings and pictures on them. Jason Hope loves technology and is always eager to get involved with new efforts for it. He is involved with philanthropy and tries to give back as much as he can. And  Jason Hope supports scientific research as much as possible. He has many interests and passions and dedicates much of his life to seeing them through, whether they are business related or he is giving back through his philanthropical efforts or his work in politics.


Hussain Sajwani Stunning Contribution to the Dubai Success Story

For over 36 years, Hussain Sajwani has consistently defiled odds in various capacities. First as an employee and later as a businessperson (in development industry) he has always been a perfect example of a modern businessperson. The 65 years old contributes this success to his thirst for knowledge and improvement. The last 24 months have been exceptionally great for this entrepreneur. Last year, he was on the list of the best CEOs in the competitive hotel industry and was the overall winner (of property category) CEO.

From the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani has pursued his vision of becoming the best solution provider in the Middle East as far as properties (development) are concerned. A list of the companies that revolutionized Dubai is incomplete without mentioning DAMAC Company. As a company, DAMAC solved the biggest puzzle of accommodation through hotels. From 2002 to date, the company has continued to rewrite the accommodation story of this part of the world to become one of the best.

Hussain Sajwani attributes this success to many factors. However, his early exposure to business by family and interaction with the American education setup, DAMAC owner was shaped to the man he is today. Although he first ventured into the hospitality industry, his passion, and love for real estate were still in him.

The smart (University of Washington) graduate believes in the power of taking smart risks. According to him, for any venture to be successful, knowledge and information are crucial ingredients. However, to be exceptionally competitive, DAMAC owner has travelled widely and experienced different economies. With this exposure, the investment guru has been able to make rational financial decisions real estate business.

His record of over twenty thousand homes for the span of sixteen years is brilliant. With the help of over 2000 (resourceful) employees, DAMAC owner has always challenged his accomplishments though setting new targets and improving his own accomplishments. As a believer in learning and improvement, Hussain Sajwani has established a software training opportunity for ambitious young people in UAE.

According to him, the success story of UAE in the past three decades is an indication of what proper planning and ambition can accomplish.