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Sussex healthcare was established in 1985 at Warnham in United has centres in Horsham, Henfield, Billingshurst, Warnham, Purley, East Grinstead, Sharpthorn and Nutley.

Sussex healthcare is a care home that has provided patient-centred services over the past 25 years. It is an award-winning organization with Amanda Morgan as the Chief Executive Officer. Amanda joined the organization in January this year. She is well known for her experience of over 30 years’ experience in social care and health having worked in both independent and public health facilities. She acquired eligibility as a nurse in mental health in 1984, and she has since charged with headship roles from managing director, director of quality development and service management.

Sussex Healthcare offers a range of services ranging from neurological care, care for aged persons, care for people with learning disabilities and dementia care. They have unique amenities for those who have brain damage or neurological glitches requiring support, direct doctor-patient contact and well-trained staff to cater for those patients who need dementia care. They have trained personnel, specialized equipment’s and facilities that provide for an extensive variety of disabilities and essentials.

Older people are given the best care at Sussex healthcare. They provide meals which are skillfully made using native and fresh ingredients, housing and also individual concentrated care in the hospitable, inviting environment. 24 hours care is given to patients who require particular attention by the highly skilled nurses, and superior facilities are provided to individuals with dementia. Reflexology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy are also offered for aged patients who need them.

Sussex healthcare has a couple of jobs available. A payroll leader is required at east Sussex healthcare following the retirement of this post holder at NHS trust. He will be charged with a responsibility of processing payments to about 950 staff paid weekly and 7300 teams paid weekly by use of electronic staff recording. They are also in need of a head of service in mental health who will be required to undertake AMPH, emergency services and substance misuses. A housing support assistant is also needed who should be able to give advice and providing housing options to the homeless. If you are a registered nurse with at least two years’ experience, willing to work full time, with excellent communication skills and you, need a job as the manager at a care home then visit the Sussex website to apply.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Enhancements

Betsy DeVos is 100 percent familiar with people wanting to know more about her. Curiosity is something she encounters on a daily basis. Dick DeVos is completely familiar with it, too. People discuss the couple and their substantial donations all of the time. Betsy and Dick frequently put a lot of money into political matters that run the gamut. Some people talk about these donations in simple ways. There are others who want to know a lot more about them.


Betsy and her husband have given lots of money to plentiful political causes. Their political donations, however, cannot hold a candle to their charitable ones. Betsy and Dick have donated close to $139 billion throughout the courses of their lives thus far. It doesn’t seem like they’re thinking about ceasing thinking about political donations, either.


People can get significant insight by tracking Betsy and Dick’s donations in recent times. They donated approximately $11.6 million just in 2016. This money went strictly to charitable groups that have impacted the pair in any way.


Betsy comes from a family that understands accomplishments of all types. Dick does as well. Their family members have done well in their careers. They’ve been meaningful presences in the Republican sector for many years, too. Dick’s father had a strong commitment to Republican matters of all kinds. Rich DeVos is Dick’s father. He’s the co-founder of famed Amway.


Betsy knows exactly why Dick thinks the way he does. Her background is similar to her husband’s. Her father was Edgar Prince, a widely known industrialist who hailed from Holland in Michigan. He passed away. The Prince family is reminiscent of the DeVos family in that it puts a lot of focus on charitable and political donations.


People can learn many things about Betsy and her husband by assessing all of their donations carefully. Their donations indicate that they want to better the educational system in the United States. DeVos states that the present educational system is a big issue for the country. She expresses that she doesn’t think that the system has been able to accommodate people who want to soar in the nation. The United States is a place that’s rich in drive and determination. Its educational system, however, honestly doesn’t help matters much. It’s antiquated in many ways.


Betsy and Dick like charter schools. They like educational vouchers just as much. There are many people who don’t agree with them regarding these subjects in any way. They frequently indicate that these things take tax money away from standard public schools in the nation. This may result in public schools that aren’t able to do as well as they ideally want. Lack of funding is a major problem for educational systems located all around the world.


Betsy wants to take a more individualized education approach. She wants to stop students from having to waste time in schools that only care about home settings. She wants students to have access to first-class learning environments that tend to all of their objectives.


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Grassroots Political Action Committee End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was founded just a few years after the Supreme Court decision that ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals in regards to political campaign contributions. The court case that is now famous around the world was known as Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United individuals across the country or in uproar about the influence of big money in politics. As a result of this decision, the influence of big money in politics is more significant than ever. End Citizens United has been campaigning in opposition to the Supreme Court decision.

Tiffany Muller Pres. and Executive Director of End Citizens United has managed to propel the political action committee to the forefront of national politics. By utilizing her combined experience as both a member of the Democratic Senatorial campaign committee, where she has helped to run for several top-level Senate races, and her experience as a Chief of Staff for two members of Congress she has been able to grow the political action committee to one of the most significant grassroots campaign committees in the country. During the organization’s first election cycle they were able to grow from its inception to greater than 3 million individuals and raise $25 million in campaign contributions. All of this money was submitted to the federal election commissions in order to be audited. This was done in an effort to showcase that they are serious about maintaining accountability in campaign financing. They were able to help elect to members to Congress that are in favor of changing the country’s policies on campaign finance laws. These members of Congress are Sen. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Catherine Cortez.

After growing concern of the influence of big money in politics End Citizens United has provided a united front against corruption in our nation. They are now working towards raising an additional $35 million during the 2018 midterm election cycles. They will utilize these funds in an effort to help their endorsed candidates that are champions of campaign-finance reform run in opposition to current members of Congress who are supporting the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. It is there hope that they will be able to implement widespread changes in our political system that will influence elections for decades to come.

PSI-Pay partners with Kiev to innovate a contactless mode of payment

PSI-Pay partners with Kiev to innovate a contactless mode of payment.

PSI-Pay is an alternative banking solution that allows members to transact in real time taking advantage of the use of local currencies in various countries around the globe. PSI-Pay has revolutionized the way banking is done. It has made payments, faster and more efficient. Recently it got into a partnership with Kerv Wearables to break ground on a new technology that would enable contactless payments. Kerv wearables and PSI-Pay announced their plans to the world in 2016 and had already begun mass production of limited amounts of the product.

The technology is a ceramic ring which enables the wearer to make contactless payments through the PSI Pay account. It works when on holds the ring 1.6 inches away from a contactless card reader. The equipment uses near-field communication to interact with the ring. Given the wearers PSI-Pay account is well funded, the reader beeps turning green and thus granting payment. Kerv decided to partner with the British based PSI Pay because of its capability to raise the necessary funds for the project. Kiev was attracted by PSI-Pay’s ability to create innovative payments platform. PSI-Pay ‘s experience which transcends over a decade was well matched with Kiev’s dream making the match star-crossed. The founder of Kiev Phil Campbell described PSI-Pay as being open-minded and responsive in their designs.

In 2017, Kerv officially made the product available to the general public. Statistically, 105 million of the product is owned by the British citizens. This made more profit for electronic retail companies. The contactless cash payment devices trended in the United Kingdom when it was made readily available to the consumers. The sales of these devices have soared from last year. Not only has it been used in Britain but also in other nations. Some of the countries that popularly use the payment methods are; Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia.

In March 2018, Kerv has delivered more products only to British citizens. It also plans on making business with countries in Europe shortly. Most popular credit card firms require one to obtain the Kiev’s contactless payments in two years. However, PSI-Pay is most certainly going to be relied on by Kerv to provide prepaid accounts to its users around the world. The two companies offer free charges when their customers buy goods and services, check their account balances online or deposit money with their contactless cards. However, not all services are free. There is a small amount that is paid when on checks his/her account using ATMs or deposit using PayPal accounts.

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The Canadian Oil Market

The oil and gas market is booming in various parts of Canada. Many people do not realize how much oil Canada produces each year. With new technology options for oil drilling companies, the oil fields below sea level are much more accessible.


Obsidian Energy is one of the leading oil companies in Canada. Over the past few years, the company has increased both sales and profits. The leaders of Obsidian Energy want to focus on technological development. Unlike other oil companies, Obsidian Energy focuses on developing new alternative energy options for customers. There is a significant need for new energy sources in Canada. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


Rough Years

Obsidian Energy almost went out of business many years ago. The company was deeply in debt, and oil prices were dropping rapidly. The leaders of the company decided to sell various assets to pay down debt. Although this was a tough decision, it was the only option that made financial sense.


Oil Development

The process of extracting oil is terrible for the environment. The government of Canada has challenged oil companies to invest both time and money to improve the local environment. Obsidian Energy spends a considerable percentage of profits on new energy technology. Many people in Canada want to invest in solar energy. As the price of solar panels continues to decrease, this is an excellent opportunity for people to save money on monthly electricity costs. See This Article to learn more.


Future Growth Plans

In the coming years, Obsidian Energy is expected to expand. Not only does the company have a strong balance sheet, but there are numerous new oil fields to explore. Some people believe that Obsidian Energy could become the largest oil drilling company in Canada.

With all of the opportunities in the oil industry, now is an excellent time for Obsidian Energy to increase sales and profits.


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Brown Modeling Agency is Setting the Pace in Austin

Brown Modeling Agency is promoting and building exciting careers in the modeling industry. Headquartered in Austin, and with offices in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles, the Brown Modeling Agency has a lot to offer for both their clients and those seeking to build their careers.


The Biggest Names

The Brown Modeling Agency has ties with some of the biggest names in the world. A few of their clients include Toyota, Loreal, and Dell. Their models have walked the runways for Austin, Dallas, and New York Fashion Week. Justin Brown, president of the Brown Modeling Agency, has put together an enormous group of talented individuals who have been working not only in Texas, but all over the country.


Diverse Talent

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of modeling is often gorgeous models gracing the runway. While this is a part of the industry, at the Brown Modeling Agency they send out top talent to a variety of bookings. A few of these areas include working in commercial print, such as in magazines and on billboards, as well as working in television commercials. The agency works with both adults and children. They also work with plus-sized models.


Making a Splash in Austin

The fashion scene in Austin, Texas has really been taking off during the last few years and the Brown Modeling Agency has been at the forefront of the movement. They have been working with up and coming designers as well as launching several parties and fashion shows in the Austin area. Austin is known for its eclectic fashion sense, and the Brown Modeling Agency is leading the way by providing the best talent in the area. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The Man Behind the Agency

Justin Brown is the force behind the success of the Brown Modeling Agency. Brown started in the industry by modeling to work his way through college. He studied business management and eventually became more interested in what went on behind the scenes. Moving to Austin in 2005, Brown decided to make his mark in the industry. By 2008 he had started JB Models and Talent. By the spring of 2010 he launched the Brown Modeling Agency.


The agency now selects and prepares top of the line talent. They deliver the most professional talent Austin has to offer. Whether you’re a model hoping to further your career or you’re looking for top talent for your business, the Brown Modeling Agency can help you reach your goals.



How Gregory Aziz Led National Steel Car To The Largest Growth Spurt In History

National Steel Car is a legendary institution in the industry of the building and engineering of steel railway freight manufacturing. National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. The company has been providing the best steel cars in the industry for over one hundred years. National Steel Car was originally founded one hundred years ago by several prominent business men in the area. It was the era when freight cars were booming and the group wanted Canada to officially have a piece of the lucrative railway pie. The company saw initial success almost immediately after its founding.


1 The company continued to grow throughout all one hundred years of its successful time of being established. National Steel Car saw epic growth in after the company hired in Gregory James Aziz to serve in a management position. He initially started as the company’s Chief Operating Officer before receiving being promoted to his current roles. He serves in multiple positions including President of the company, Chairman and his main title is Chief Executive Officer. He is an incredibly great leader and is known for his skills in the realm of business development. He is also known for ushering in the largest period of growth that the company has ever seen.


After he came to National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz successfully brought in massive growth across multiple sectors of the company. First, Gregory J. Aziz is a huge proponent of investing in his employee work force. When he first started with National Steel Car, growing the volume of employees was one of his first priorities as a leader in the company. He started a pretty massive campaign to hire on a lot of new workers, both in the manufacturing and engineering sectors of National steel Car.


Greg Aziz grew the volume of employees by over three hundred percent. The number of employees grew from eight hundred to nearly three thousand people. In addition to growing the volume of employees, he also made significant strides to ensure that the company was the absolute best place to work that was possible. The employees at National Steel Car enjoy a company culture that mirrors a family atmosphere.


After significantly growing the number of employees, Gregory J. Aziz turned his attention to growing production volume. He grew the number of freight cars produced from around three thousand to more than twelve thousand cars produced annually. This was one of the largest growth spurts that National Steel Car had ever seen. See Related Link for more information.

All About the Strategy: Gregory Aziz

Running a successful business is not all about having more capital than the next guy. It is not even really about innovating to create better products. All of these things create a moot point if your strategy does not fit your market and beat out your competitors. Nobody knows this better than Gregory James Aziz, the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car.


Before Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994, the company was in a rut. Trucking and logistics companies were stealing all of the shipping business away from railroads, which caused the mass merging of several railroads into only a few. This greatly reduced the number of railroads that NSC could now serve in Ontario and the surrounding provinces. Instead of combating this change with a new strategy focused on making better products, the owners decided to start stripping capital from the company. They started to ignore the long-term goals of the company and only worried about earning their investment back.


If we fast-forward about a decade, National Steel Car was on its last legs. Customers stopped taking orders because the cars they got were low-quality and barely passed new safety tests required by the government. Very few railroads in the area were able to haul these cars across the country. Business relationships were shattered because management was no longer worried about the long-term goals of the company. Everything was in ruin until James Aziz came in and started to implement the best strategy for the situation.


1 Aziz came in with guns blazing. Greg made it clear on his first day that the company will renew its focus on quality. He knew that the industry needed quality railcars to pass new safety laws and regulations and that customers were even willing to pay top dollar for those cars that would last them for a long time. He made sure that the engineering department hired new and able workers capable of coming up with designs for the future. Instead of taking money out of the failing company, he poured more money into it, helping to purchase the machines and equipment that would make his quality goals a reality.


This change in strategy was the best thing that National Steel Car could have ever hoped for. Customers wanted something that the previous owners refused to give, so Greg Aziz had to make some major changes. Now National Steel Car is the premier supplier of railcars for several large railroads, and they are showing no signs of stopping their dominance in this market. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification. See This Article to learn more.


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