Grassroots Political Action Committee End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was founded just a few years after the Supreme Court decision that ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals in regards to political campaign contributions. The court case that is now famous around the world was known as Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United individuals across the country or in uproar about the influence of big money in politics. As a result of this decision, the influence of big money in politics is more significant than ever. End Citizens United has been campaigning in opposition to the Supreme Court decision.

Tiffany Muller Pres. and Executive Director of End Citizens United has managed to propel the political action committee to the forefront of national politics. By utilizing her combined experience as both a member of the Democratic Senatorial campaign committee, where she has helped to run for several top-level Senate races, and her experience as a Chief of Staff for two members of Congress she has been able to grow the political action committee to one of the most significant grassroots campaign committees in the country. During the organization’s first election cycle they were able to grow from its inception to greater than 3 million individuals and raise $25 million in campaign contributions. All of this money was submitted to the federal election commissions in order to be audited. This was done in an effort to showcase that they are serious about maintaining accountability in campaign financing. They were able to help elect to members to Congress that are in favor of changing the country’s policies on campaign finance laws. These members of Congress are Sen. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Catherine Cortez.

After growing concern of the influence of big money in politics End Citizens United has provided a united front against corruption in our nation. They are now working towards raising an additional $35 million during the 2018 midterm election cycles. They will utilize these funds in an effort to help their endorsed candidates that are champions of campaign-finance reform run in opposition to current members of Congress who are supporting the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. It is there hope that they will be able to implement widespread changes in our political system that will influence elections for decades to come.

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