Alex Pall: How He Has Kept His International Fan Base Growing

Being a member of “The Chainsmokers” has made Alex Pall popular even in the areas he wasn’t known before. He has produced many electrifying songs together with Andrew Taggart. Andrew wasn’t fully committed to the band although he made great contributions. Alex had another music partner before who quit after some time. This opened a door for Andrew to join the band and start his journey towards his musical destiny. Alex is the kind of people who don’t just rush into a career before they have consulted an experienced mentor in that particular field. He first consulted his manager before he could make it public that music was the deer to hunt.

Andrew came to New York from Maine to chart the way forward with Alex. Upon arrival, Alex Pall noted something peculiar about Andrew, and the chemistry between them intensified. The same happened to Andrew, and the two knew something was cooking somewhere. According to the Interview Magazine, The Chainsmokers became more popular after the two artists released a song “Closer.” During Alex’s interview, it came out that the two artists could meet in his apartment almost every day to grind something on music.

After discussing in depth their music plans and interests, Alex and Andrew realized they could work fluidly towards their main goal. When the interviewer asked why they included Halsey in their “Closer” hit, Alex Pall said Halsey was a popular, passionate, and energetic singer. The interview revealed further that Halsey was always on the top of Alex’s list of the artists he desired to work with. Alex further said Halsey was always real and her voice was strong and stunning.

The interview also brought his fans to the scene. The interviewer wanted to know how Alex Pall interacted with his loyal fans outside the music world. Alex said he connected with most of his fans through Instagram. He said this social media platform helped him know those who often followed his music. He affirmed that his fan base had occupied the international space already. He also told the interviewer that countries like South Africa and Philippines considered his songs inspirational. Alex said The Chainsmokers was releasing new hits quite often and nothing would bring the band down in the music industry.

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