Talkspace – The Way to a Positive Mental Outlook

A person who seems perfectly happy and well adjusted on the outside may be struggling with anxiety and depression in more private moments. This was exactly the situation with Michael Phelps. Though he achieved global success, he suffered through every day until he decided to get help. When he needed to speak with a professional, he turned to the people at Talkspace to get the therapy he needed.

Michael shares his story because he wants others to know that seeking help shows courage and is not a sign of weakness. He feels that the support and direction that he received from his therapist saved his life. He has become a Talkspace spokesperson to communicate that those suffering from emotional issues are not alone. They now have a safe, convenient, and affordable therapist waiting to help manage the daily issues and overwhelming feelings that arise.

Talkspace is an online therapy site that brings the professionals to you. There are no appointments necessary and you do not need to travel anywhere to attend your session. Talkspace therapy is more affordable than the traditional type and therefore more accessible to those who need it. Therapists help clients deal with a variety of emotional issues. Recently, these mental health professionals have been very vocal in their support of the #MeToo Movement.

Talkspace understands how important it is for those who have been abused or harassed to tell their story. They explain that untreated, the symptoms mimic those of post traumatic stress disorder and it is critical for individuals to discuss the traumatic event with a professional. This is the first step in moving past the pain. Therapists credit the #MeToo Movement as making it possible for women to feel more comfortable discussing their feelings. They also note that the way back to a healthy lifestyle is a long one but that they are anxious to be a partner in the journey.

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