JD.com A New Way To Shop


JD.com has a new way for customers to shop on the go. Their life changing technology has made it easier for a customer to get in, and get out of the stores that they have placed around the world. Beijing Capital International Airport, or (BCIA), is one of the stores that JD.com has with JD Zu Chongzhi platform technology. Hohhot East Railway Station in Inner Mongolia is another location.

These type of stores have many different items for customers to buy. Most items are things that a traveler may need such as clothes in case a person may want to change on the go. People often have accidents like food, or a drinks spilling on their outfit that they are currently wearing. So, by having clothes that they can change into quickly without having to go into their suitcases can be convenient for the traveler. View More Information Here.

Also, sometimes luggage may get lost, or stolen during traveling. Customers shopping at a JD location can easily replace these products. They can also buy daily necessities and beauty product while shopping. A purchase can be made online and sent to a pacific location of choice. A purchase can also be made at one of the unmanned stores, or a smart vending machines.

Some of JD’s technological capabilities features a new payment method called facial recognition. This new method of paying for your product will help save you time by allowing your face to be scanned to make a purchase instead of having to dig out your wallet, or dig into your purse. Another method of payment that JD’s vending machines can do is automatically process payments once customers select their products, and close the door of the machines.

JD.com has many unique ideas for making shopping on the go easy for a customer in the future by making the future today. JD also has many branches in its industry. One of these branches extend to a luxury express “white glove” delivery service.

JD Luxury Express” delivers fresh food via high-speed rail. JD will be using the company’s cutting-edge store technology in the travel market.


More about JD.com on https://www.forbes.com/companies/jd/#62d9b6464f20

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