JD New Delivery Stations


In the efforts of strengthening the e-commerce autonomous logistics capabilities, the marketing giants JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall, have established two automated delivery stations.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart ahead of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, a few days before making its debut at the world`s largest electronics show held in Las Vegas. The show recognizes modern technology, creative thinking, inventions and even various significant innovations.

The stations strive to research the R&D, testing and also personnel training to help eradicate issues rising from last mile delivery. JingDong delivery robots are capable of handling up to 30 parcels and can autonomously deliver them within a 5-kilometre radius. The vehicles are advanced to plan delivery routes as well as overcome the traffic obstacles.

When collecting the parcels, the process has been made more secure through facial recognition technology where users can quickly and securely manage their parcels. The delivery stations while operating at full capacity servicing with the aid of robots and drones, can deliver over 2,000 packages a day.

Jingdong being one of the premier global e-commerce in developing advanced technology will showcase the technology that`s already making a change in consumers’ retails in China which is believed to transform global commerce. JD uses its advanced technology of drone to deliver consumer and medical goods to remote areas in China. JD.com visitors will learn the planned underground urban logistics which will make shopping convenient and alter how cities work. Go To This Page for additional information.

Besides drones and robot delivery, visitors have the opportunity of observing the drone flights as a reality as well as Jingdong Mall’s augmented reality fitting and styling software. The customers will also know about how Jingdong develops Internet technology that enables their customers to control smart devices at the comfort of their homes and even in their cars. People will get a chance to try a first exoskeleton worn by JD staff in warehouses that makes lifting of heavy objects possible.

According to JD.com`s Chief Technology Officer, Chen Zhang JD is in an excellent position to conduct research, develop and deploy innovative technology that is transforming the shape of shopping worldwide.


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