Krishen Lyer’s Career in Marketing

Communication is not only a talent but a skill too. In business, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to have excellent communication skills. Those are the words of Krishen Iyer, an online partner who serves at Quick Link Marketing, now rebranded to Managed Benefits. Iyer has vast skills and knowledge in technical development, client relations, as well as online marketing. He is in charge of the company’s general responsibilities. He resides in California and has invested in this company in many ways including finding solutions for the problems affecting communication in business. As a business professional with extensive experience in garnering experience from various fields, Krishen Iyer has created a successful portfolio for the brand. The success of the firm is solely appended to the leadership skills of Krishen Iyer.

Krishen Lyer’s career has been shaped by his intellectual capacity and a focused mindset. Even though these qualities were evident when he was a student, the technical development skills developed later after joining the business. In an interview with Ideamensch, Krishen Iyer discussed his career including the foundation of Quick Link Marketing. The core mission of the company is connecting other organizations in need of tailored marketing solutions with updated lead generation companies that can provide solutions to their problems. Under the leadership of Iyer, the company has received recognition for offering quick solutions to clients.

The advent of technology has vastly transitioned the way businesses are conducted. Email is thereby becoming an essential tool in the corporate world since more corporations and companies use it as a primary communication tool. While some sectors have embraced this channel of communication including MailChimp to communicate, other industries are reluctant to adopt. Nevertheless, marketing campaigns, as well as lead generation specialists such as Iyer, believe that many individuals in different marketing sectors can enjoy the benefits of using email as a communication tool to interconnect entrepreneurial networks. This is discussed further in the article here.

Prior to graduating from the San Diego University where he studied public administration, Krishen Iyer started his first insurance business. Being the founder of HIS Insurance, he controlled major operations and ensured that the staff provided high-quality services. He proceeded to grow his business thereby launching Name My Premium. Iyer enjoyed the success of his business.

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