The Importance of the Jana Lightspeed Partnership

Jana Messerschmitt is no stranger in the area of investments since she’s been doing this for quite some time. Apart from investing, Jana also knows her way around advertisement and that’s why her joining the Lightspeed Venture Partnership was without a doubt a big deal. But before becoming a force to be reckoned with especially in the area of investment and advertising, Jana Messerschmitt, first of all, had to graduate with a degree in computer engineering.

The most important thing about the Jana and exactly what makes the Jana Lightspeed partnership matter is the fact that she can juggle business and technology rather effortlessly. That aside, Jana Messerschmitt has also been associated with Twitter as well as Netflix, which just goes to show that she’s not only good at what she does but exceptionally good.

She has also been the force behind industries such as BIRD, COLOR, CAMEO, EERO, WINNIE, AND ANGELS among many others. That aside, Jana Messerschmitt is also a big activist in her own right. During her free time, she often encourages women as well as underprivileged in society to find an interest in wealth creation through investment.

With the likes of Jana on board, Lightspeed Venture Partners have had a very easy time going about their business. This is simply because Jana is not only motivated but is also great as well as experienced at what she does. The other partners that have played a very important role in the Jana Lightspeed partnership include Aaron Battalion, Chris Schaepe, Alex Taussig, Andrew Moley, and Adam Goldberg.

Since its founding back in 1999, Lightspeed Venture Partners has managed to help well over 300 startups become success stories. Some of these companies that have greatly benefited from the firm include The Honest Company, Goop, Affirm, Nutanix, Elementum, And Rubrix among many others. The firm also boasts of having offices in the United States, China, Israel, And India.

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