Agera Energy; A Company That Is Helping Customers to Reduce Their Energy Costs

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy has been in the business of supplying natural gas and electricity to homes, small businesses and large companies in the USA. It also offers energy efficiency and audit services. The company prides itself for its first class customer service it offers through their highly trained staff.

The company offers various benefits such as personalized products that consider the needs of the customer, flexible terms, offer customized plans, multiple billing options among other benefits. Agera Energy offers LED retrofitting which helps businesses in lowering their utility expenses, increases energy efficiency in their facilities and boosts the life span of the light bulbs.

Agera Energy also provides a utility recovery program and the services that under this program include performing a complimentary review of the customer’s utility bills for the past 3 years, contacting the utility company when they notice any form of discrepancy and assist with getting a refund and they can monitor the costs for the next three years.

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