Hussain Sajwani Stunning Contribution to the Dubai Success Story

For over 36 years, Hussain Sajwani has consistently defiled odds in various capacities. First as an employee and later as a businessperson (in development industry) he has always been a perfect example of a modern businessperson. The 65 years old contributes this success to his thirst for knowledge and improvement. The last 24 months have been exceptionally great for this entrepreneur. Last year, he was on the list of the best CEOs in the competitive hotel industry and was the overall winner (of property category) CEO.

From the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani has pursued his vision of becoming the best solution provider in the Middle East as far as properties (development) are concerned. A list of the companies that revolutionized Dubai is incomplete without mentioning DAMAC Company. As a company, DAMAC solved the biggest puzzle of accommodation through hotels. From 2002 to date, the company has continued to rewrite the accommodation story of this part of the world to become one of the best.

Hussain Sajwani attributes this success to many factors. However, his early exposure to business by family and interaction with the American education setup, DAMAC owner was shaped to the man he is today. Although he first ventured into the hospitality industry, his passion, and love for real estate were still in him.

The smart (University of Washington) graduate believes in the power of taking smart risks. According to him, for any venture to be successful, knowledge and information are crucial ingredients. However, to be exceptionally competitive, DAMAC owner has travelled widely and experienced different economies. With this exposure, the investment guru has been able to make rational financial decisions real estate business.

His record of over twenty thousand homes for the span of sixteen years is brilliant. With the help of over 2000 (resourceful) employees, DAMAC owner has always challenged his accomplishments though setting new targets and improving his own accomplishments. As a believer in learning and improvement, Hussain Sajwani has established a software training opportunity for ambitious young people in UAE.

According to him, the success story of UAE in the past three decades is an indication of what proper planning and ambition can accomplish.

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