Anthony Constantinou’s Stellar Professional Career


Anthony Constantinou is a lecturer and assistant professor in machine learning and data mining at the Queen Mary University of London. Mr. Anthony Constantinou is also the head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He has worked hard to reach the pinnacle of his career as a respected scholar and researcher in matters to do with decision making and Bayesian methods of artificial intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou works with academic research firms and industrial organizations around the globe to find solutions for various sectors. Anthony Constantinou has specialized in using his research work to enhance decision-making in economic, sports, medicine, gaming and finance.

Anthony Constantinou is also a reputable and reliable entrepreneur who has extensive knowledge in risk management and decision making. He makes use of Bayesian methods of artificial intelligence to enhance prediction of outcomes in various economic sectors. Constantinou has used these methods in a wide range of application for both academic research and industrial clients. Such applications include sports prediction and betting, forensics, medicine, agriculture, investment decisions and gambling. Visit This Page to learn more.

He has also gives lecturers to around 165 students in his current position as a post-doctoral researcher and professor at Queen Mary of London. Anthony has also supervised about 118 students on module leadership and data analytics. One of his greatest projects to date is ‘Bayesian Modelling’ where he promotes effective use of knowledge before data. This project aims at enhancing decision making by use of evidence for critical decision making in real world matters such as investment decisions and finances.

With the help of colleagues, Anthony Constantinou has worked to set up personalized decision making backup tools. In 2010 he created a website that helps to predict the results of football matches. The Bayesian Network has since become a major asset for many betting companies. The English Premier league also adopted the tool to help them in predicting matches before they actually take place.


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