Lincolnshire Management: The Titan of Private Equity Investment

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that was founded in 1986 just outside New York City. Aside from the New York, Lincolnshire has offices in Atlanta, Chicago (regional office), and their west coast offices in Los Angeles. The firm has a workforce of nearly one hundred who focus on identifying middle market companies to invest in and propel their growth. Other focus areas are recapitalizations, management buyouts for public and private corporations, and corporate divestitures.


T . J. Maloney sits at the helm of Lincolnshire Management serving as both Chairman and CEO while Michael J. Lyons serves as President. The leadership team comprises of investment, origination, and operating professionals who have a wealth of experience handling private and public corporations. They work closely with a talented pool of principals, analysts, and associates who are committed to seeing the firm’s goals come to fruition.


Throughout three decades and counting, the firm has acquired 85 businesses spanning various industries which attest the staff’s business acumen. More so, the team is keen to employ a collaborative approach in their endeavors so they harness synergies. Some of the first-rate clients they have bagged include Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, Nursery Supplies Inc, Dalbo Holdings, True Temper Sports, and Latite. Read more here.

As of January 2019, Lincolnshire Management is handling an upwards of $1.7 billion in private equity funds including the Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV worth $835 million. The firm’s exceptional performance over the years has earned it a spot in the highly acclaimed list of top 25% of private equity firms. See more in this article

Success formula

Apart from hiring only the most talented individuals in private equity management, Lincolnshire has a few tricks make it resoundingly successful. Senior management is keen to pursue new strategies to revitalize and grow their product portfolio by keeping a close pulse on the market. These efforts enable it to see opportunities where other firms are oblivious to or are afraid to explore. This includes venturing off to emerging markets and the niche areas of manufacturing, service, and distribution companies. Risk taking and sound strategies have placed Lincolnshire well ahead of its industry brethren, and the firm is set to haul in more profits as the new calendar year unfolds.

4 Reasons Why Sussex Healthcare is a Game Changer in Home Nursing

One of the areas that the mainstream investment world has systemically ignored is home nursing industry, and the reason for this is the complexity the niche has on its operations. Sussex Healthcare has however been on a journey to challenge the notion by not only being the perfect illustration that giving care is important, but it can also be done in correct structures and in a correct way. For 21 years, the entity has revolutionized the nursing world in the following ways.

First, Sussex Healthcare is the first major entity to offer a wide variety of services to all ages and for people with special needs. Although the entity started to offer services to people with complex needs, it has diversified to accommodate other peoples such as people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, and neurological complications. This diversity according to the management has helped the organization reach as many people a possible within Sussex.

Second, their approach to caregiving is unmatched. Sussex Healthcare is arguably the only organization in Europe and around the world to offer personalized packages. According to the management of this organization, offering customized services helps them to maximize individual caregiving and therefore help people with special needs have a smooth life. The diversity of their services with personalized services shows that the entity is one of the most versatile organizations in the world.

Thirdly, Sussex Healthcare offers people with special needs one of the best environment to either recover or adapt to new life. According to pundits, this is what sets this organization apart from the rest as one of the organizations that believe in communities, each of their facilities is home to the best interactions, which are regulated to give each person best experience. The management of this organization believes that this is the best way to heal and start a new life.

Finally, Sussex Healthcare has world-class facilities in its two major locations. Regardless of one’ condition, there is a similar facility, either technologically or human resource. The availability of different facilities makes the organization a well-rounded institution as a caregiver and a place for new beginnings.

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The Success Of Nitin Khanna

Most people do not focus on what is beyond what they can see. They limit themselves with what they can easily reach. Others have taken up the challenge to strive as entrepreneurs and get to further levels than what most people are defined by. One of the people who have strived through to break the norm is Nitin Khanna.

Nitin Khanna, the chairman of Merger Tech, was born and brought up in Ambala. He studied in the Lawrence School Sanawar. He began his life in India as a colonel’s son. He holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Purdue. He greatly helped in mentoring so many people who were starting up companies as elaborated in this link.

Nitin Khanna founded his company merger tech in the year 2009. He believed in people taking risks and grabbing opportunities quickly. In the current world, he encourages people to identify the gaps that open up in the trending markets and invest in them. He took up the task of deploying many professionals that would help match the clients with the company. This information is given further detail in an interview in this link

The merger tech company is a company that provides advice on mergers and acquisition in investment. Nitin Khanna offers personalized guidance to all his customers. He offers the advice based and the knowledge and his past operational and his experience. Merger Tech focuses on clients who have distressed businesses that they may need to sell to recover investors’ equity. They may also deal with clients who have growing companies and are in search of new investments.

Nitin Khanna is the co-founder of Saber Corp which is based in the United States in Portland, Oregon. It was one of the most significant providers of state government solutions in the country. It also provided services such as vehicle registration, unemployment registration, voting employment and driver’s license. Saber corp. was awarded both in the year 2006 and 2007. It was later sold to EDS in December 2007.

Philanthropy and Stream

Stream Energy has had corporate philanthropy as a part of the company since the beginning. With Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation, they have kept that tradition going. The Dallas based company provides energy in multiple states after it was founded in 2005. The company has expanded into cellular phone service, as well. The profits from this can be used for the giving that is done by the corporation. Stream is well known for their helping Houston after Hurricane Harvey, but they also help the homeless by teaming with the Hope Supply Company. It is good for tax season, but helping others is also being a good neighbor.

During the relief effort in Houston, Stream Energy gave money and new furniture. They found what was needed the most and got it for people. Using their profits may have been good on their bottom line through taxes, but it also helps to make them remember that they are part of the communities they are in. Stream Energy has also started helping homeless children through their partnership with Hope Supply. Children need to eat to be able to grow and develop. That is what the company is looking to do with themselves and their future.

Those two instances is not the stopping point for Stream Energy. They have helped tornado victims by teaming with the Salvation Army when North Texas was hit. In Dallas, they have helped veterans and their families through Operation Once in a Lifetime. They also hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for daughters of veterans the day after. The need for philanthropy in this nation is deep, so Stream Energy is helping where they can. It has allowed them to be good neighbors and to be good citizens. Corporations spend their time making money, but it is how they use it that shows who they are.

Agera Energy; A Company That Is Helping Customers to Reduce Their Energy Costs

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy has been in the business of supplying natural gas and electricity to homes, small businesses and large companies in the USA. It also offers energy efficiency and audit services. The company prides itself for its first class customer service it offers through their highly trained staff.

The company offers various benefits such as personalized products that consider the needs of the customer, flexible terms, offer customized plans, multiple billing options among other benefits. Agera Energy offers LED retrofitting which helps businesses in lowering their utility expenses, increases energy efficiency in their facilities and boosts the life span of the light bulbs.

Agera Energy also provides a utility recovery program and the services that under this program include performing a complimentary review of the customer’s utility bills for the past 3 years, contacting the utility company when they notice any form of discrepancy and assist with getting a refund and they can monitor the costs for the next three years.

Doe Deere is the Founder of a Leading Cosmetic, Brand- Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur. She is also an immigrant who settled in the U.S. As the founder of Lime Crime; Doe Deere has amassed a considerable following courtesy of her cosmetics brand. Lime Crime ensures that all the products delivered to their consumers are purely vegan. Despite the challenges that she has faced, Doe Deere has never given up. She also strives to inspire other individuals. Additionally, she encourages other women to follow in her footsteps to inspire other people in the society.

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. She realized that the U.S. possessed numerous opportunities after reading magazines, watching many films, and listening to popular music that emanated from the U.S. Eventually, she became obsessed with the American culture. She also learned how to read and write in English. At the age of 17, Doe Deere was privileged to move to the U.S. together with her mother and younger sister. She was now confident that she would have a better life.

After arriving in the U.S., they settled in New York City. Contrary to her expectations, Doe Deere and her family were struggling to make ends meet. Despite the challenges they faced, Doe Deere never gave up. She always fantasized about being a fashion designer. Doe Deere also put her ideas into paper. In 1999 during the spring season, Doe Deere and her family got assistance from Dorchen Leidholdt who was a social worker. She was a lawyer by profession. She recognized Doe Deere’s potentia; thereby providing mentorhsip programs to enable her to pursue her dreams together with her mother and the younger sister. Dorchen Leidholdt helped Doe Deere’s mother to get her first job in the U.S. as an accountant.

Doe Deere was also able to explore her passion towards the fashion industry by joining the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her younger sister also got an opportunity to enroll at Columbia University through a fully sponsored scholarship. Despite the challenges, Doe Deere and her family were resilient. Since Doe Deere was passionate about becoming an entrepreneur, she fulfilled her dream by launching Lime Crime in 2008.

Krishen Lyer’s Career in Marketing

Communication is not only a talent but a skill too. In business, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to have excellent communication skills. Those are the words of Krishen Iyer, an online partner who serves at Quick Link Marketing, now rebranded to Managed Benefits. Iyer has vast skills and knowledge in technical development, client relations, as well as online marketing. He is in charge of the company’s general responsibilities. He resides in California and has invested in this company in many ways including finding solutions for the problems affecting communication in business. As a business professional with extensive experience in garnering experience from various fields, Krishen Iyer has created a successful portfolio for the brand. The success of the firm is solely appended to the leadership skills of Krishen Iyer.

Krishen Lyer’s career has been shaped by his intellectual capacity and a focused mindset. Even though these qualities were evident when he was a student, the technical development skills developed later after joining the business. In an interview with Ideamensch, Krishen Iyer discussed his career including the foundation of Quick Link Marketing. The core mission of the company is connecting other organizations in need of tailored marketing solutions with updated lead generation companies that can provide solutions to their problems. Under the leadership of Iyer, the company has received recognition for offering quick solutions to clients.

The advent of technology has vastly transitioned the way businesses are conducted. Email is thereby becoming an essential tool in the corporate world since more corporations and companies use it as a primary communication tool. While some sectors have embraced this channel of communication including MailChimp to communicate, other industries are reluctant to adopt. Nevertheless, marketing campaigns, as well as lead generation specialists such as Iyer, believe that many individuals in different marketing sectors can enjoy the benefits of using email as a communication tool to interconnect entrepreneurial networks. This is discussed further in the article here.

Prior to graduating from the San Diego University where he studied public administration, Krishen Iyer started his first insurance business. Being the founder of HIS Insurance, he controlled major operations and ensured that the staff provided high-quality services. He proceeded to grow his business thereby launching Name My Premium. Iyer enjoyed the success of his business.

JD New Delivery Stations


In the efforts of strengthening the e-commerce autonomous logistics capabilities, the marketing giants, also known as Jingdong Mall, have established two automated delivery stations.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart ahead of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, a few days before making its debut at the world`s largest electronics show held in Las Vegas. The show recognizes modern technology, creative thinking, inventions and even various significant innovations.

The stations strive to research the R&D, testing and also personnel training to help eradicate issues rising from last mile delivery. JingDong delivery robots are capable of handling up to 30 parcels and can autonomously deliver them within a 5-kilometre radius. The vehicles are advanced to plan delivery routes as well as overcome the traffic obstacles.

When collecting the parcels, the process has been made more secure through facial recognition technology where users can quickly and securely manage their parcels. The delivery stations while operating at full capacity servicing with the aid of robots and drones, can deliver over 2,000 packages a day.

Jingdong being one of the premier global e-commerce in developing advanced technology will showcase the technology that`s already making a change in consumers’ retails in China which is believed to transform global commerce. JD uses its advanced technology of drone to deliver consumer and medical goods to remote areas in China. visitors will learn the planned underground urban logistics which will make shopping convenient and alter how cities work. Go To This Page for additional information.

Besides drones and robot delivery, visitors have the opportunity of observing the drone flights as a reality as well as Jingdong Mall’s augmented reality fitting and styling software. The customers will also know about how Jingdong develops Internet technology that enables their customers to control smart devices at the comfort of their homes and even in their cars. People will get a chance to try a first exoskeleton worn by JD staff in warehouses that makes lifting of heavy objects possible.

According to`s Chief Technology Officer, Chen Zhang JD is in an excellent position to conduct research, develop and deploy innovative technology that is transforming the shape of shopping worldwide.


More on: A New Way To Shop has a new way for customers to shop on the go. Their life changing technology has made it easier for a customer to get in, and get out of the stores that they have placed around the world. Beijing Capital International Airport, or (BCIA), is one of the stores that has with JD Zu Chongzhi platform technology. Hohhot East Railway Station in Inner Mongolia is another location.

These type of stores have many different items for customers to buy. Most items are things that a traveler may need such as clothes in case a person may want to change on the go. People often have accidents like food, or a drinks spilling on their outfit that they are currently wearing. So, by having clothes that they can change into quickly without having to go into their suitcases can be convenient for the traveler. View More Information Here.

Also, sometimes luggage may get lost, or stolen during traveling. Customers shopping at a JD location can easily replace these products. They can also buy daily necessities and beauty product while shopping. A purchase can be made online and sent to a pacific location of choice. A purchase can also be made at one of the unmanned stores, or a smart vending machines.

Some of JD’s technological capabilities features a new payment method called facial recognition. This new method of paying for your product will help save you time by allowing your face to be scanned to make a purchase instead of having to dig out your wallet, or dig into your purse. Another method of payment that JD’s vending machines can do is automatically process payments once customers select their products, and close the door of the machines. has many unique ideas for making shopping on the go easy for a customer in the future by making the future today. JD also has many branches in its industry. One of these branches extend to a luxury express “white glove” delivery service.

JD Luxury Express” delivers fresh food via high-speed rail. JD will be using the company’s cutting-edge store technology in the travel market.


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Hope for Everyone through Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a leading direct selling service company. It offers wireless, protective and home services to all its customers. It was started in 2005 and has generated revenue of about $8billion over the years. As of now it operates in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C, Georgia, Ohio and Texas. Its headquarters are in Dallas. In Texas, Stream Energy is names as among the top 10 trusted Retail Electric Providers.

Stream does not only focus on its employees earning but also empowering them. The company’s Woman of Power organization helps women gain and discover talents they need to grow their businesses. It also supports non-governmental institutions like Hope Supply Co. and the American Red Cross.

Stream Energy has a philanthropy which they named Stream cares. After the Hurricane Harvey which caused a lot destruction of property and livelihood of many, Stream Energy took the initiative to help the affected to recover and help them financially. They also state their hope to reach more and more people affected by the storm. They are partnering up with partners to help in driving local and grassroots giving for example partnering up with Red Cross and the Habitat for humanity to drive their CSI.

Stream Energy’s business is as simple as doing direct sales. However, this does not deter them from providing customers with residential and corporate services this way earning a network of loyal customers. The company’s salespersons in addition to the salary receive commissions according to the sales made. In Dallas they have achieved their goal by partnering up with hope which offers necessary supplies to the homeless children.

Every year they hold an event, Splash for Hope, for the homeless kids to have a fun day at the water park. In collaboration with Hawaiian Falls Water Park the children receive flip flops and are provided with food and drinks the whole day. Their project, Stream Virtual MD has simplified everything on health and health emergencies. You can easily reach the doctor from the comfort of your home without having to go through the trouble of insurance or lines.