The Success Of Nitin Khanna

Most people do not focus on what is beyond what they can see. They limit themselves with what they can easily reach. Others have taken up the challenge to strive as entrepreneurs and get to further levels than what most people are defined by. One of the people who have strived through to break the norm is Nitin Khanna.

Nitin Khanna, the chairman of Merger Tech, was born and brought up in Ambala. He studied in the Lawrence School Sanawar. He began his life in India as a colonel’s son. He holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Purdue. He greatly helped in mentoring so many people who were starting up companies as elaborated in this link.

Nitin Khanna founded his company merger tech in the year 2009. He believed in people taking risks and grabbing opportunities quickly. In the current world, he encourages people to identify the gaps that open up in the trending markets and invest in them. He took up the task of deploying many professionals that would help match the clients with the company. This information is given further detail in an interview in this link

The merger tech company is a company that provides advice on mergers and acquisition in investment. Nitin Khanna offers personalized guidance to all his customers. He offers the advice based and the knowledge and his past operational and his experience. Merger Tech focuses on clients who have distressed businesses that they may need to sell to recover investors’ equity. They may also deal with clients who have growing companies and are in search of new investments.

Nitin Khanna is the co-founder of Saber Corp which is based in the United States in Portland, Oregon. It was one of the most significant providers of state government solutions in the country. It also provided services such as vehicle registration, unemployment registration, voting employment and driver’s license. Saber corp. was awarded both in the year 2006 and 2007. It was later sold to EDS in December 2007.

Hussain Sajwani Stunning Contribution to the Dubai Success Story

For over 36 years, Hussain Sajwani has consistently defiled odds in various capacities. First as an employee and later as a businessperson (in development industry) he has always been a perfect example of a modern businessperson. The 65 years old contributes this success to his thirst for knowledge and improvement. The last 24 months have been exceptionally great for this entrepreneur. Last year, he was on the list of the best CEOs in the competitive hotel industry and was the overall winner (of property category) CEO.

From the year 2002, Hussain Sajwani has pursued his vision of becoming the best solution provider in the Middle East as far as properties (development) are concerned. A list of the companies that revolutionized Dubai is incomplete without mentioning DAMAC Company. As a company, DAMAC solved the biggest puzzle of accommodation through hotels. From 2002 to date, the company has continued to rewrite the accommodation story of this part of the world to become one of the best.

Hussain Sajwani attributes this success to many factors. However, his early exposure to business by family and interaction with the American education setup, DAMAC owner was shaped to the man he is today. Although he first ventured into the hospitality industry, his passion, and love for real estate were still in him.

The smart (University of Washington) graduate believes in the power of taking smart risks. According to him, for any venture to be successful, knowledge and information are crucial ingredients. However, to be exceptionally competitive, DAMAC owner has travelled widely and experienced different economies. With this exposure, the investment guru has been able to make rational financial decisions real estate business.

His record of over twenty thousand homes for the span of sixteen years is brilliant. With the help of over 2000 (resourceful) employees, DAMAC owner has always challenged his accomplishments though setting new targets and improving his own accomplishments. As a believer in learning and improvement, Hussain Sajwani has established a software training opportunity for ambitious young people in UAE.

According to him, the success story of UAE in the past three decades is an indication of what proper planning and ambition can accomplish.

Philanthropy and Stream

Stream Energy has had corporate philanthropy as a part of the company since the beginning. With Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation, they have kept that tradition going. The Dallas based company provides energy in multiple states after it was founded in 2005. The company has expanded into cellular phone service, as well. The profits from this can be used for the giving that is done by the corporation. Stream is well known for their helping Houston after Hurricane Harvey, but they also help the homeless by teaming with the Hope Supply Company. It is good for tax season, but helping others is also being a good neighbor.

During the relief effort in Houston, Stream Energy gave money and new furniture. They found what was needed the most and got it for people. Using their profits may have been good on their bottom line through taxes, but it also helps to make them remember that they are part of the communities they are in. Stream Energy has also started helping homeless children through their partnership with Hope Supply. Children need to eat to be able to grow and develop. That is what the company is looking to do with themselves and their future.

Those two instances is not the stopping point for Stream Energy. They have helped tornado victims by teaming with the Salvation Army when North Texas was hit. In Dallas, they have helped veterans and their families through Operation Once in a Lifetime. They also hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for daughters of veterans the day after. The need for philanthropy in this nation is deep, so Stream Energy is helping where they can. It has allowed them to be good neighbors and to be good citizens. Corporations spend their time making money, but it is how they use it that shows who they are.

Hope for Everyone through Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a leading direct selling service company. It offers wireless, protective and home services to all its customers. It was started in 2005 and has generated revenue of about $8billion over the years. As of now it operates in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C, Georgia, Ohio and Texas. Its headquarters are in Dallas. In Texas, Stream Energy is names as among the top 10 trusted Retail Electric Providers.

Stream does not only focus on its employees earning but also empowering them. The company’s Woman of Power organization helps women gain and discover talents they need to grow their businesses. It also supports non-governmental institutions like Hope Supply Co. and the American Red Cross.

Stream Energy has a philanthropy which they named Stream cares. After the Hurricane Harvey which caused a lot destruction of property and livelihood of many, Stream Energy took the initiative to help the affected to recover and help them financially. They also state their hope to reach more and more people affected by the storm. They are partnering up with partners to help in driving local and grassroots giving for example partnering up with Red Cross and the Habitat for humanity to drive their CSI.

Stream Energy’s business is as simple as doing direct sales. However, this does not deter them from providing customers with residential and corporate services this way earning a network of loyal customers. The company’s salespersons in addition to the salary receive commissions according to the sales made. In Dallas they have achieved their goal by partnering up with hope which offers necessary supplies to the homeless children.

Every year they hold an event, Splash for Hope, for the homeless kids to have a fun day at the water park. In collaboration with Hawaiian Falls Water Park the children receive flip flops and are provided with food and drinks the whole day. Their project, Stream Virtual MD has simplified everything on health and health emergencies. You can easily reach the doctor from the comfort of your home without having to go through the trouble of insurance or lines.

Sheldon Lavin has More Than Forty Years of Experience at OSI Group

The food industry is a big one and any individuals or corporations that managed to get involved successful can be apart of a trillion dollar industry. Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO for one of the biggest food processing and supply companies in the entire world, OSI Group. After graduating from Roosevelt University and Illinois University with his degrees in business and finance, Sheldon Lavin managed to successfully start his own company in Chicago, Sheldon Lavin, and Associates. This success was dwarfed when Sheldon was invited to the OSI team because even though he started out as a financial advisor, within a decade he managed to take over as the company CEO.

Sheldon Lavin may not be responsible for creating the OSI Group, but he has upgraded the company in a hundred different ways since he took up management as CEO. Sheldon has single-handedly pushed for the expansion of OSI Group in over a dozen countries and today, OSI has more than 60 facilities spread out around the world. For his accomplishments at OSI Group, Sheldon has been the recipient of various awards as well as industry praise for his position and success on the market. OSI has also been honored for their environmental excellence for operating in clean environments and not polluting the environment

Sheldon is not only a good leader and businessman, but he is exceptionally aware of the environment and always gives back to the community. Sheldon has contributed to dozens of charities over the years, such as the Sheba Foundation and the Jewish United Fund. On top of that, he also remains a member of several non-profit organizations, including Rush University Medical Center, the Goodman Theatre, and the Ronald McDonald Charity House. Following his success thus far, Sheldon Lavin still has a ways to go and wants to expand OSI Group even further before his retirement.

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