Sheldon Lavin has More Than Forty Years of Experience at OSI Group

The food industry is a big one and any individuals or corporations that managed to get involved successful can be apart of a trillion dollar industry. Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO for one of the biggest food processing and supply companies in the entire world, OSI Group. After graduating from Roosevelt University and Illinois University with his degrees in business and finance, Sheldon Lavin managed to successfully start his own company in Chicago, Sheldon Lavin, and Associates. This success was dwarfed when Sheldon was invited to the OSI team because even though he started out as a financial advisor, within a decade he managed to take over as the company CEO.

Sheldon Lavin may not be responsible for creating the OSI Group, but he has upgraded the company in a hundred different ways since he took up management as CEO. Sheldon has single-handedly pushed for the expansion of OSI Group in over a dozen countries and today, OSI has more than 60 facilities spread out around the world. For his accomplishments at OSI Group, Sheldon has been the recipient of various awards as well as industry praise for his position and success on the market. OSI has also been honored for their environmental excellence for operating in clean environments and not polluting the environment

Sheldon is not only a good leader and businessman, but he is exceptionally aware of the environment and always gives back to the community. Sheldon has contributed to dozens of charities over the years, such as the Sheba Foundation and the Jewish United Fund. On top of that, he also remains a member of several non-profit organizations, including Rush University Medical Center, the Goodman Theatre, and the Ronald McDonald Charity House. Following his success thus far, Sheldon Lavin still has a ways to go and wants to expand OSI Group even further before his retirement.

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OSI Group Is At The Forefront Of Food Processing

The food supply industry is a massive one and rightly so as there are billions of mouths around the world that need to eat on a daily basis. OSI Group is one of the largest players in the industry at the moment in terms of food supply around the globe and they currently have dozens of facilities spread out across many different nations around the world. With all of the there facilities combined, OSI employees approximately twenty thousand people across business and food processing centers to get food traveling around the world as efficiently as possible.

For the first 60 years or so, OSI Group focused on the meat processing side of the food market, specifically because they maintained a contract with McDonald’s which made up for most of the companies profit during their expansion in the 50’s. Another reason for this is because OSI was started out as a meat market by its original founder, Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was a man of German decent which moved over to the United State in 1907 to live a better life with his family. In 1909, Otto started up a meat market where he landed in Chicago. Although he didn’t expect it at the time, Otto & Sons managed to stay afloat for the first several years and began to expand once his sons joined in to help with the business side of things. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group formed a contract with McDonald’s in 1955, which they still maintain to this day, which has been one of the critical factors in their growth over the years. The decision to add in more products rather than just meats, specifically beef for McDonald’s came through new management, such as Sheldon Lavin’s, who believed that the company needed to cater to a larger market and provide a bigger variety of food supply. Today, OSI Group offers meats, dough, tofu, vegetables, fruits, and more.