NGP VAN introduces modern canvassing

NGP VAN introduces modern canvassing

The federal elections of 2016 witnessed a huge budget that went to campaigns aimed at convincing the voter that particular candidates were the best for various posts. Candidates and political parties invested heavily in the campaign hoping that the investment would be paid back in the form of votes. The investment coupled with the time spent by volunteer staff in the campaign trail makes elections in the United States a very huge investment.


Traditionally political canvassing was done from door-door. Canvassers would go to homes of the people and convince them why they should support a certain agenda or candidate. Canvassing in a door-door style can help the campaign team to mobilize voters to come out on the Election Day. This mode of a campaign has been used not only by political leaders and parties but also by non-profits organizations and religious organizations. Through this method, people could get the message delivered to them from the comfort of their homes.


In this kind of campaign approach, camping teams must make sure that every dollar they spend counts. A door-door campaign should get the voters out of their homes on the voting day. Campaign teams, therefore, need to invest in such a program such that they can attract a high number of people to their side.


The above traditional way of campaigning is no longer the best in the modern day. The technological revolutions have introduced new improved ways. There are so many online platforms where people interact. Such platforms are rendering the traditional methods less popular.


Doubts have been raised on its effectiveness in helping campaign in current times. According to a research done by Professors Joshua Kalla, David Broockman, the impact of canvassing and other traditional means is almost negligible as of 2017. This research shows that the number of hours and efforts spent by volunteers in canvassing can be a total waste of time and efforts.

NGP VAN: Canvassing in modern day


NGP VAN is a company that works with progressives and Democrats in helping them manage their campaigns. This company is using the latest technology to harness data and information about the voters. NGP VAN Software offers solutions that will reach out to millions of voters right on their mobile devices. There will be no need to go round the country in a door to door-door campaign.


NGP VAN is a company recently celebrated the work that the women in the organization and even in other companies do. The women who work at NGP VAN, which has headquarters in Washington DC, were recognized for playing a critical role in the growth of the company.