Philanthropy and Stream

Stream Energy has had corporate philanthropy as a part of the company since the beginning. With Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation, they have kept that tradition going. The Dallas based company provides energy in multiple states after it was founded in 2005. The company has expanded into cellular phone service, as well. The profits from this can be used for the giving that is done by the corporation. Stream is well known for their helping Houston after Hurricane Harvey, but they also help the homeless by teaming with the Hope Supply Company. It is good for tax season, but helping others is also being a good neighbor.

During the relief effort in Houston, Stream Energy gave money and new furniture. They found what was needed the most and got it for people. Using their profits may have been good on their bottom line through taxes, but it also helps to make them remember that they are part of the communities they are in. Stream Energy has also started helping homeless children through their partnership with Hope Supply. Children need to eat to be able to grow and develop. That is what the company is looking to do with themselves and their future.

Those two instances is not the stopping point for Stream Energy. They have helped tornado victims by teaming with the Salvation Army when North Texas was hit. In Dallas, they have helped veterans and their families through Operation Once in a Lifetime. They also hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for daughters of veterans the day after. The need for philanthropy in this nation is deep, so Stream Energy is helping where they can. It has allowed them to be good neighbors and to be good citizens. Corporations spend their time making money, but it is how they use it that shows who they are.